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    Project of Krones do Brasil increases the efficiency of Coca-Cola Andina PET line at Jacarepaguá plant
      19. febrero 2021

      Project of Krones do Brasil increases the efficiency of Coca-Cola Andina PET line at Jacarepaguá plant

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      Average line efficiency was increased to 90% thanks to the important synergy between Krones and Andina teams, amid the difficulties imposed by the current health crisis.

      Krones do Brasil and Coca-Cola Andina completed a successful project to improve line efficiency at the Jacarepaguá plant in October 2020. The PET line with block technology, designed to fill different flavors of the bottler in 2l, 2.25l, 2.5l and 3l packages, had been delivered by Krones in 2010 and operated with an efficiency of 50%. The improvement work, which projected an increase in efficiency to 85% in the main product, exceeded expectations and led the line to an average efficiency of 90%, making it one of the most efficient lines of the Andina Group.

      The project began in May last year and faced many challenges, mainly because of the pandemic, which imposed restrictions on the logistics of the delivery of materials and the displacement and accommodation of the work teams – from Krones alone 24 technicians were involved in the initial stage of the project. The health crisis also required special care for the health and safety of employees of both companies, such as compliance with hygiene protocols and distancing in the work environment.

      Despite all the difficulties, the project was delivered on time, and was only possible thanks to the important synergy between Krones and Coca-Cola Andina. "I summarize all this effort in one word called 'Purpose'. We all had the same goal. There was not a Krones team or an Andina team, there was a single team focused on achieving the best result for the line, and this happened since the beginning of the project. Even at the time of the pandemic, we took every care to ensure that the project was carried out safely and without risk to people, who are our greatest asset. The result reflects the commitment of all those involved," says Nilson Alegre, industrial manager of Coca-Cola Andina.

      The project started with Inspections of Krones at the Jacarepaguá plant in order to identify bottlenecks and opportunities of the line. After the preliminary evaluations, an internal team of the client was formed to define the priority points of action. The engagement and leadership of Coca-Cola Andina’s managers and field technicians were fundamental to the success of the work, from the initial identification of opportunities for improvement to the execution of the project, optimizing the time of actions and solving possible deviations in its scope.

      The work carried out was not a conventional line reform, in which Krones supplies the wearing parts for machinery and equipment, in addition to the skilled labor for the action. Coca-Cola Andina received a customized design to increase the efficiency of the line, based on three pillars.

      The first was the renovation and maintenance of equipment, with the inclusion of upgrades, which took two weeks. The second pillar was a complete automation of the line, with monitoring and adjustments in production for the various SKUs of the bottler, over six weeks. And the third pillar, of paramount importance, was the theoretical and practical training of the Coca-Cola Andina technical team, for better interaction between operator and machine, being dedicated one week to each equipment.

      "The work to increase efficiency has brought excellent results to our Jacarepaguá plant and to Andina. For comparative purposes, we are reaping results as good as those of our triblock line of Duque de Caxias plant, which is the most modern today and much newer. We are delivering all the requested demand without production restrictions, result of this four-handed work", highlights Nilson Alegre, industrial manager of Coca-Cola Andina.

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