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    Security Advisories
    Security Advisories

      Krones Security Advisories

      This website is the central information platform for security-relevant topics, and security vulnerabilities that affect products, solutions or services of Krones. The information is provided by the Krones PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team).

      The following Krones Security Advisories (KSA) were published by the Krones PSIRT:

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      2020-10-28 Krones Security Advisory WIBU-SYSTEMS CodeMeter Runtime vulnerabilities (KSA-2020-3) Version 1.2

      2020-07-29 Krones Security Advisory Ripple20 vulnerabilities (KSA-2020-2) Version 1.1

      2020-04-08 Krones Security Advisory Urgent/11 vulnerabilities in components of B&R Industrial Automation GmbH (KSA-2019-4) Version 1.1

      2020-03-04 Krones Security Advisory SNMP Authentication and Authorization Weakness in components of B&R Industrial Automation GmbH (KSA-2020-1) Version 1.0

      2019-12-10 Krones Security Advisory Security vulnerabilities in UltraVNC (KSA-2019-1) Version 1.1

      2019-08-14 Krones Security Advisory Remote Desktop Services/DejaBlue (KSA-2019-3) Version 1.0

      2019-07-26 Krones Security Advisory Remote Desktop Services/BlueKeep vulnerability (KSA-2019-2) Version 1.2

      2019-03-21 Krones Security Advisory WannaCry/NotPetya (KSA-2017-1) Version 2.0


      If you want to get notified about new and updated Krones Security Advisories, please send an e-mail to cyber.security@krones.com. The Privacy Notice of the Krones AG applies. We only use your e-mail address for notifications about Krones Security Advisories.

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